“When Love and Skills work together, expect a masterpiece”

With pride, Inochi encompasses the centuries old tradition of skilled Furriers. In Kastoria, the art of hand made fur garments has been handed down, refined and perfected, from generation to generation. Unique craftsmen and technicians, deliver the most exquisitely fashioned and tailored garments in the world. This is a testimony of pride, and Love of the Hand.


At the earliest days of his life, a Kastorian learns from the Master. His Father, Grandfather, Uncle or Aunt.
The task of sewing fur is a most dexterous skill of the hand.
By teaching a young person to love the craft and respect the natural beauty of the material, an exceptional artist is born.
Revering the beauty and the craft of this natural material has brought the genius to the industry.
Inochi is proud to present you with the fruit of this sacred tradition.


At Expotan, our own partner Fur Dressing Company, every process is conducted with the highest regard for Ecological balance.
Expopel fur is treated, coloured and prepared under the most stringent ecological processes, complying with all requirements.
By combining traditional dying techniques, with proven high quality modern methods, we present and deliver whatever personal details desired by our client.


We aim to maintain the highest standards in all areas of the Expopel Group. Commitment to innovation, and a continuous instigative program of research and development, brings us forward to new and unique techniques.
Global customers exigently demand the highest environmental standards in the fur industry.
The Expopel Group has assured these requirements are met,
thus achieving the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification, which guarantees the absence of harmful substances.


Fur is the most natural of fabrics, and every generation of Kastorian furriers has been weaned on it. We love, respect and use it with the highest reverence. The Expopel policy is simple.
“Treat it gently, it will respond and surprise you”
But this is so due to our patience and care. Every step we take enriches our bank of ‘know-how’. We are dedicated to
Mastering the Art of Fur Technology


“There is no Design, without Skill”

We adhere to this philosophy. Expopel Group is proud to be associated and to work with many young National and International talented designers and innovators. We are in constant evolution of newness, and embrace every fresh idea and technique.
INOCHI STUDIO is not only our brand. It is the experimental hub, which nourishes our ‘know-how’ and ‘uniqueness’.


For centuries, the Kastorians have acquired and developed the noblest art of Tailoring. They are famous for this.
Expopel is proud to offer excellence created by the most sensitive and humble technicians.
The world at large recognises and demands this ‘Love of the Hand’.
Know-How is our proto tool.


We love what we produce. It is the soul of our company,
The Expopel Group. And we deliver it all over the world.
Our INOCHI brand is the promise to Excellence.
You will find it in our shops in, Dubai, New York, Kastoria and in selected boutiques around the world.
For more detailed information of our retail project, please contact us here.